Modular Summit 3.0

11-13 July, 2024
Brussels, Belgium

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More Curated Tracks & Workshops
More Curated Tracks & Workshops
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Official Side Events
Theme: Modular Expansion
Theme: Modular Expansion
3 Days Summit
3 Days Summit
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Larger Capacity
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Paid Tickets: General & VIP

What happened at Modular Summit 2023

The End Game
Mustafa Al-Bassam, Anatoly Yakovenko, Vitalik Buterin, Tarun Chitra
Aggregation is all you need
Uma Roy
Exploring MEV Capture in Modular Systems
Evan Forbes
Builders and More Advanced Forms of Aggregation
Vitalik Buterin
Modular Devrel Panel: Build Whatever
Yaz Khoury, Camila Ramos, Henri Lieutaud, David Phelps, Daniel Helm
Celestia Light Node Tutorial
Josh Stein
Astria’s Vision for the Endgame
Josh Bowen
Modular Summit 2023 welcomed over 2000 attendees and featured 115 speakers in a two-day event to learn from visionary builders at the forefront of the modular blockchain revolution.

Day 1 explored the state of the modular stack and how new ideas around intents, shared sequencers, and ZK are bound to shape it. Then, day 2 dove into gaming, modular-cosmos, and (co-created with Flashbots).

By the end, the modular community helped show that a positive-sum crypto ecosystem, free from maximalism, is possible.

Memories from

Modular Summit 2.0

Hosted by Celestia Labs and Maven11